Janita-Juchhee vom Hohen Mechtin

Born 29.04.1993, VDH/DVD 309-93, black, HD A 1, BAER +/+
breeding licence 11.03.1995
Janita had 3 (A-, B-,D-) litters of together 27 puppies

Janita is the ancestress of the „vom Palmblick“. She is a smaller, from stature rather delicate, but a robust bitch, with a great heart. She ist still undisputed boss of our pack of dogs, although she never shows. In cases of doubt, also with her daughters and grand children, her position is never questioned.

Janita thinks, the world of puppies is great, at least as long as these are very small and do not bother their surroundings. With our E-litter, Janita was at that time 10 years old, she wailed and lamented uninterrupted for almost five days, until Darice, mother of the puppies, gave in, and Janita was allowed to share the childbed. From that day on Janita fed and cared for the puppies, as if these were her own. Considering that 12 puppies were concerned, she really was a great help.


All our dalmatians laugh, but none of them so prominent as our Janita! She has a very broad smile, almost visiting her ears. And she almost is grinning at everybody, people she knows, strangers, dogs she knows and also those, she does not know (sometimes this causes problems, owing to mistaking this gesture as threats). In short, her charming smile is prodigious.

We very much hope to keep our boldly laughing face for a very long time.

Janita with almost 12,5 years of age

Also our old lady loves snow and sun. Janita mid March 2006, almost 13 years of age
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