Ghostface-Gigolo vom Hohen Mechtin

Born 21.11.1990, died 22.08.2005
VDH/DZB 14658, black, HD B 1, BAER +/+
breeding licence 04.07.1993
In the kennel „von der Lunie“ he was father for two litters

Gigolo about 1 month before he died


Today we had to take leave of our Gigolo. He passed away with 14 years, 9 months and one day.
We are grateful for the very long and wonderful time we had together.
He relieved us of a very hard decision.
You will always be in our hearts.

Good bye, dear Gigolo
Gaby, Helmut, Janita, Arabeske, Darice, Epona, Galene

He is a real gentleman, who even with cheeky young rascals does not see any need to enter into a serious argument.

Although of age, he is still a playful dog, The odd occasion he fancies a little dance with our young talent Epona, although for a short while only, since his strenght is failing him.
Gigolo also takes great pleasure in playing with our puppies, but not with all of them at once.

His chief concern is his food. Even a bitch in heat being around would not prevent him from emptying the bowl. Thereafter only he will care for the bride, who, after satisfying his appetite, will still be on heat.

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