Even "waiting" will be learned! Our weekly dummy group in the middle of February 2006.
From left to right Juna, Labrador Retriever / Boschka, Dalmatian / Lene, Flat coated Retriever / Sally, Dalmatian / Sina, Golden Retriever

Darice starts for retrieving a duck

...and picks up the duck in the deep water

...and as expected she's bringing her to me

Galene, 5 months, can do the same!
Our Dreamteam is waiting for their task
(Epona, 2 1/4 years / Galene, 4 months / Darice, 6,5 years)

Concentration on starting the trail...

...and start on following the trail

With the capture quickly return to mistress

And she is so pleased about this well-done work

Epona returns after a trail of about 600 m

Darice and Epona after well-done dummy-working