Arabeske vom Palmblick

born 18.07.1995, died 02.01.2008
VDH/DVD 566-95, liver, HD C 1, BAER +/+
breeding licence 27.04.1997
Arabeske had 1 (C-) litter of 8 puppies

Arabeske is a bitch of somewhat melancholy temperament, yielding within the pack, always the last in the hierarchy. She gives in easily. It is much more important for her to get her fair share of caresses!

After her first litter, we took her out of our kennel breeding, since she does not comply to our expectations.

Since than Arabeske is leading a happy life as an aunt, eagerly being foster mother of all our puppies, but also a strict governess, in cases where the real mother of the puppies is too indulgent.

Our Arabeske, about 10 years old

Jumping trough the snow with flying ears
Mid March 2006, with 10,5 years of age
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